Originally from Paris, Jérôme de Vries, a self-described citizen of the world, spends his time between Paris, Geneva, and Toronto. After completing a degree in industrial design and digital imaging, he started off working at Renault where he created and led trainings in value analysis.

A self-educated web designer, he discovered the internet in 1995, then spent several years working for international companies as a consultant in user experience. He was then hired as a Chief Moral Officer for a company named Scient to promote and animate vision and values for the employees, while still acting as an expert in understanding the needs of users who were met with an emerging digital revolution.

As a forerunner in customer experience in France, he worked on numerous innovative projects such as the Prime Minister’s intranet agenda as well as setting up an online lottery system among others.

As a French representative for the international trend network TRENDGUIDE, he co-authored two books titled ESPRIT LOFT that both explore atypical environments in Paris.

In 2004, he founded a design management studio named LES ANGES URBAINS, whose goal is to help companies create and manage initiative design both short and long term. Acting as a real ecosystem that creates extra-ordinary experiences and supports innovation, this multi-interests company has established strong ties with its customers whether they are online, offline, part of a corporation or simply everyday people.

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